Volunteer Agreement

Lifestyle & Sanctity of Human Life: Recognizing that Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center (BPCC) is an evangelical ministry, I openly acknowledge my personal faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  The new birth accomplished by the Spirit of Christ within me has manifested in a lifestyle that is holy and pleasing to the Lord. I believe in the sanctity of human life as taught in the Bible and, therefore, reject abortion as an acceptable option for any woman facing a pregnancy.  I will at no time participate in any action that results in the destruction of innocent life.

Confidentiality: All information on BPCC clients will be kept in the strictest confidence.  I hereby pledge that all client information will remain confidential even after I am no longer volunteering with BPCC.

  • I will not discuss any information with anyone except the Executive Director and the Center Director.
  • If I encounter a client outside of BPCC in a social setting, I will not acknowledge my acquaintance with a client unless previous permission has been granted by the client and/or the client acknowledges my presence first.
  • I will not discuss any client-related issue with the Executive Director and/or the Center Director outside of BPCC.
  • I will not take any pictures of clients or their children with any personal electronic equipment.
  • I will not post any pictures or refer to clients on social media sites.

Activism: I understand and will abide by BPCC’s policy on activism while serving as a volunteer.  The policy states, “ No BPCC employees, volunteers, or board members shall participate in any ‘rescue’ or protest activities at abortion clinics. This includes acts of civil disobedience, sidewalk counseling or picketing. No BPCC employee, volunteer, or board member will work with such protest groups to refer clients to BPCC through the distribution of BPCC literature. Lawful picketing and marching in general, such as at the State capitol on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday or participating in a March for Life, are acceptable.”

I understand that if my lifestyle no longer reflects the Gospel, I reject the sanctity of human life ethic, I break my confidentiality pledge, or engage in activism, I will no longer be permitted to volunteer for BPCC. I will uphold all policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors and Director of BPCC.